With the government announcing that parents must test children at home for Coronavirus, twice a week, to facilitate a safer return to school re-openings from 8th March 2021; parents will no doubt be wondering which lateral flow rapid COVID test kits are best for children.

Returning to school is something many children resist at the best of times, so faced with having to add a rapid COVID test to the ‘getting ready for school’ routine, many parents may be wondering how this is going to work.

Fortunately, Encompass have come up with a test kit that makes life much easier for parents doing home testing on their children, see below.

Introducing the child-friendly rapid Covid test kits

Many of the better known covid tests, including the free UK government tests, and the Roche Test Kits, involve a nose and throat swab.

Known as ‘Nasopharyngeal’ swab test kits, the throat part of using these swabs is a particularly uncomfortable experience, introducing a strong gag-reflex in many, which is not something children will want to experience twice a week.

However, nasal lateral flow swab tests (nose swab only) have shown to be just as accurate for detecting the Coronavirus, and these tests are a quicker and easier and less uncomfortable experience for both the child and the parent administering the test, as a throat swab is not required.

Covid Test Kits For Children

The nasal lateral flow test kits offered by Encompass are CE marked under 98/79/EC, and are one of the most accurate COVID-19 LFTs available to buy online in the UK.

Encompass offer 2 different nasal lateral flow test kits:

  1. The Hughes Acon test kits are the most convenient, containing 25 individual self-contained tests.
  2. The Swiss Point Of Care test kits come with 1 bottle of liquid to share between 25 test kit containers, which reduces the cost, but also makes the test a little more fiddly to administer, especially for busy mums at home.

Or for those who want the reassurance of the Roche Diagnostic test kits, you can also buy these online from Encompass, however, please note that the Roche rapid covid test kits are a nose AND throat test.  

Wondering if you can use nose and throat test kits as nose-only test kits?  Read our article here to find out more.

Best lateral flow rapid covid test kits for Children