We are a family-run supplier of Covid rapid antigen test kits to Northern Ireland for folks from Belfast, Londonderry, Ballymena, Warrenpoint, and everywhere in between.  At the time of writing, Northern Ireland is the 1 UK region where the government does not currently supply free test kits.

So if you need to test yourself quickly and easily for Coronavirus before work or school, or simply want the reassurance of knowing whether or not your cough or slight temperature is the real thing or a false alarm, please browse the handy range of different lateral flow test kits from Encompass, as outlined below.  With 3 different price points and pack formats to choose from, we trust you will find the right option for your requirements.

All the test kits are available to buy online at competitive prices, and are CE marked, reliable, and accurate, and are delivered speedily to your home or workplace by parcel courier.


Our Full Range Of Lateral Flow Test Kits For Sale In Northern Ireland


1) Swiss Point Of Care Kits

Our lower cost lateral flow test kits that are approved to 98/79 EC directive and have excellent performance with accuracy of 99.3%. The nasal swab method used in the Swiss Point of Care test kits compares well to the nasopharyngeal test method used in some test kits as a less invasive experience –

These test kits are therefore especially suitable for testing involving children with the additional advantage that there is no application process for free kits from the government and you can order as many as you need online.

Order Swiss POC Low Cost Test Kits Online


2) Hughes Healthcare Kits

These kits are exceptionally convenient as they include 25 individual pre-filled buffer solution for maximum hygiene and ease of use; these are the best Covid rapid test kits in Northern Ireland for value and performance.

Order Hughes Healthcare Lateral Flow Test Kits

Covid Test Kit Northern Ireland

Like the Swiss Point of Care kit, the Hughes Healthcare kit is a genuine nasal swab test kit where the swab only has to be inserted into the nostrils instead of the nasopharynx at the back of the throat as you can see in this video:


In extensive tests at the Porton Down laboratory of PHE the Hughes LFD Kit rapid test kit showed up to 100% accuracy in BOTH sensitivity and specificity, results which are unprecedented and give great confidence to users.

The Hughes LFD is certainly a great value option! These test kits allow you to accurately test for the virus, even if you have no active symptoms.


3) Individually Packaged Antigen Test Kits

For the ultimate convenience, the individually packaged test kits are available in boxes of 10 or 20, with each covid test individually wrapped.

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Looking for bulk or wholesale options or just need general advice on the best test kits for your needs? Call us on 0845 034 9313 to discuss your exact needs today.

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