Lateral Flow Test Kits For Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

We sell 3 different test kits on our online shop, so that you have a good choice of approved brands at different price points. We are also open to trade/reseller enquiries and bulk rate pricing options for larger users of who want to buy them from a UK supplier at a low price.

Rapid lateral flow test kits (LFD) give you a quick result in 15 to 30 minutes and are easy-to-use, with no special training being needed. These COVID antigen tests provide crucial testing capacity in areas where laboratory testing is not available such as in businesses, schools and at home.

Nose-only lateral flow tests are proving increasingly popular compared with traditional nose and throat Covid test kits, especially for testing children. And as explained in our blog post, independent research indicates that nasal Covid tests are just as accurate as the less convenient nasopharyngeal Covid tests.  Therefore all of the test kit options available to order from Encompass use the nasal (nose-only) swab method, where the sterile swab does not have to be inserted to the back of the throat, even for adult tests.

Each kit comes with a test device, extraction buffer tube, sterile swab and nozzle cap, and instructions for use. See below to learn more about our range.

Types Of Coronavirus COVID-19 Tests For Sale
Types Of Coronavirus COVID-19 Tests Explained

The Full Rapid Antigen Test Kit Range – Available to Buy Online – Nose-Only Swab

Individually Packaged Coronavirus Test Kits

Covid Rapid Test Kits

Hughes Healthcare have introduced an individually packaged rapid test kit for convenience. Perfect for households, schools, businesses or individuals.

Hughes Healthcare LFD Test Kits x25

Covid Rapid Test Kits

The lateral flow test kits from Hughes Healthcare packed x25 per box offer a combination of affordability, CE marked quality, volume stock availability, and accurate results.

Swiss Point of Care Lateral Flow Test Kits

Covid Rapid Test Kits

The Swiss Point of Care brand supplies convenient and inexpensive lateral flow rapid test kits that are approved to 98/79 EC directive and have excellent performance.

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Gary Sanderson
10:54 09 Sep 21
Kirsty and her team are first class. Very helpful, great prices and I will defiantly use their services again 👍
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Tim Middleton
13:48 15 Jun 21
Covid-19 Rapid Lateral flow tests-Reasonable price, excellent product, speedy delivery, I will be buying again.
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Ben Hardwick
15:11 24 Feb 21
seem to sell a good range of covid rapid test kits to buy online & a handy website!
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A reliable supplier of Covid-19 products. Glad to see the rapid covid test kits added. Can highly recommend from... previous experiences. Ask for Paul!!read more
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SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test Kits

FAQ’s about lateral flow rapid antigen tests for COVID-19

What is a lateral flow test (LFT) for COVID-19?

Lateral Flow Tests or LFT’s are COVID tests that are carried out via a simple process. A cotton swab is inserted into the nasal passage to collect a sample. This is then mixed in a buffer solution. The solution is then applied to a test cassette and the results are ready in 15-20 minutes. The results are displayed similarly to the commonly used pregnancy tests, which are also a type of lateral flow test. Note: The instructions vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer so please ensure you read your instructions carefully. 

How effective and reliable are lateral flow swab tests?

Public Health England (PHE) and the University of Oxford have confirmed after extensive clinical evaluation and laboratory testing that lateral flow tests are effective in identifying most individuals who may be infectious. The tests carried out by PHE’s Porton Down Lab and the University of Oxford confirmed that lateral flow tests are accurate and sensitive enough to be used in community testing. Read the full Oxford article

How do I administer a coronavirus lateral flow swab test?

Please watch the video below from one of our COVID test suppliers, Roche, as to how the lateral flow test is administered. Pay close attention to the PPE such as gloves, masks and face protection if administering tests to others to protect yourself. Note: Methods and instructions vary between suppliers. please read the instructions for your specific test before administering. 

Where in the UK and Europe can Encompass supply Rapid COVID Test Kits?

Encompass can supply Rapid Lateral Flow Swab Tests for COVID-19 to any UK region. This includes Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. We can also ship the test kits to mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland (ROI), please contact for details on carriage rates to these countries.