As a leading family-run supplier of Covid rapid test kits Wales we also dispatch throughout the UK from our stock of professional quality lateral flow rapid test kits for use from Cardiff to Aberystwyth and Conwy.

Encompass offer quick delivery to your offices, home, or warehouse by courier and we are friendly and responsive to your needs at this difficult time. We also have a discounted complete Covid testing station package which contains all that you need to set up with screen, gloves, alcohol wipes, test kits, face shields etc.

Swiss Point of Care Test Kits

These are inexpensive lateral flow rapid test kits that are approved to 98/79 EC directive and have excellent performance with accuracy of 99.3% and specificity of 99.6% in clinical trials.

The nasal swab method used in the Swiss Point of Care test kits compares well to the nasopharyngeal test method used in some kits for a less invasive experience – you can download the full instruction sheet for use here.

In a nasopharyngeal test kit, the swab needs to be inserted to the back of the throat which is not as comfortable as the nasal swab in this rapid test kit Wales which only needs to be inserted about 2-3cm into each nostril.

Child Having Covid Test

The SPOC rapid test kits are therefore especially suitable for testing involving children.

Hughes Healthcare Rapid Test Kits

The Hughes Healthcare kits are produced by Acon Labs and are exceptionally convenient as they include 25 individual small bottles of pre-filled buffer solution for maximum hygiene and ease of use; this is the best Covid self-test rapid test kit for value and performance.

Like the Swiss Point of Care kit, the Hughes Healthcare LFD is a genuine nasal swab test kit whereby the sterile swab only has be inserted into the nostrils instead of the nasopharynx at the back of the throat – making it more comfortable to use as you can see in this video:


In extensive tests at Porton Down laboratory the Hughes LFD rapid test kit evidenced 100% accuracy in BOTH sensitivity and specificity, results which are unprecedented.

With its combination of performance, convenience and price, the Hughes LFD is a great value option! Call us on 0845 034 9313 to discuss your exact needs today.

Roche Diagnostics SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Tests

Covid Rapid Test Kits Wales

This huge Swiss pharmaceutical company produce their own branded COVID-19 lateral flow rapid tests which have been a huge breakthrough in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

They allow you to accurately test whether you have the virus, even if you have no active symptoms, therefore assisting an ongoing safe return to work and yielding data to inform research to slow the spread of the virus.

These CE Marked Covid rapid test kits Wales are high quality items which come at the top of our price range for test kits.

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Please see useful related links to Public Health Wales and NHS Wales and the Welsh Government regarding the pandemic.