In the ever changing and seemingly upside-down world that Covid-19 has thrust us into, it can be difficult to keep up with changes of government advice, the need or not of Day 8 Tests, the ‘red list’ and testing requirements for overseas travel.

What Arrival Test Do I Need?

Right now – even if you are fully vaccinated – you need to arrange and carry out a ‘Day 2 Test’ after you arrive in any part of the UK from abroad as well as fill out a passenger locator form ahead of travel. There are different rules and a requirement to quarantine if your departure country is currently on the UK Government’s red list of countries.

At the date of this blog – 11th October 2021 – this Day 2 Test needs to be what is known as a PCR Test, short for ‘polymerase chain reaction’ tests which we do not sell.

PCR Testing Laboratory

There is a key difference between PCR tests and the lateral flow tests that we supply. A PCR test is not a self-test kit in which you see the results within 15-30 minutes but rather the swab and buffer fluid are tested in a laboratory and the results sent to you by text or email.

If Lateral Flow Tests Can’t Be Used for Day 2 Tests What Are They Good For?

Our lateral flow test kits are excellent for regular use by staff at schools and businesses that don’t have symptoms of Covid 19, to check if they are negative or positive. You can click here for our range of lateral flow tests for sale on-line.

As we said above, everything is dynamic and changeable right now!

It could well be as the autumn wears on that LFD or LFT (lateral flow tests) we sell online become acceptable as Day 2 tests for visitors to the UK. Please watch our blog and social media pages for more information on this as time passes.

Some providers of the mandatory Day 2 tests can be found here: Take care when choosing based solely on price as you may have to travel 100 miles to get the test! Other companies offer a certain number cheap per day or for NHS workers only. Take notice of any good reviews.

We’ve including a handy video from the NHS here to help you if you are taking a PCR test at home: