We think in the prevailing circumstances that the answer is yes.

As the Delta variant strain of Covid-19 continues to spread despite the fantastic vaccination efforts of the government, questions arise around what the best course of action is for your workers.

The news that even 12–15-year-olds will have a single jab certainly shows that government is not supine about the issue, but the fact remains that this wretched virus has shown a frightening ability to adapt and keep spreading, causing all sorts of disruption in daily life.

What happens in a scenario where – despite its best efforts – government again starts to encourage working from home?

We are becoming accustomed now to less-than-optimistic news about lorry driver shortages and supply chain disruption over the past months and as factories start to produce goods again it would be great if they could stay in production!

lateral flow test kits for sale online

Commerce and trade at every level from mining to retail, refining and shipping is greatly needed so that folks can keep their jobs and tax revenues can start to make a dent in the huge levels of government support spending.

Can SME’s – the very backbone of the economy – afford further disruption and are there simple and inexpensive ways to lessen the risks of damage to your bottom line?

It just makes sense to invest in our lateral flow test kits for business so that your employees can use them for self-testing, and everyone can be more confident that your workforce are compliant and those unfortunate enough to be infected can then work from home.

Lateral Flow Test Kits

We are a supplier of high-quality nasal swab lateral flow test kits for sale online so that you have an easy way to be sure of availability as well as having the easier-to-use nasal type.

Choose from either the Swiss Point Of Care or Hughes Healthcare lateral flow test kits to be ahead of the game before the colder weather or contact Encompass on 0845 034 9313 to discuss your needs further.