As a business owner or HR manager it’s a difficult question to come to grips with, clearly many have suffered great revenue loss by absence of workers and closed production lines but what if bringing your employees together again causes a flare up of Covid?

We’ve all heard of tremendous supply-chain disruptions from building materials to toys and microchips for vehicle manufacture and we all also long for a reliable return to some form of business-as-usual (have you been to Majorca on holiday recently?).

How about the battered hospitality, cruise, and restaurant trades? The same agonising questions come up; it goes through our minds ‘I’ve not eaten out for ages! But is it too risky?’

Employees Returning To Work

All of this points to the need for continued vigilance so that, despite the move by the government in England to lessen restrictions, none of us become unwitting transmitters of the Covid-19 virus and increase its spread.

Is the government correct in removing guidance to work from home? Clearly, they think not in the top third of the UK, with Scotland area guidance being more cautious as you can see here:

a gradual return to offices can now begin however home working will continue to be an important mitigation for controlling the virus and we would ask that businesses still support employees to do this, where possible and in consultation with employees.

Whatever viewpoint in this worrisome debate you have it is very clear that this virus is resilient and adaptable and therefore we must be as well!

Covid 19 Test Kit From Hughes Healthcare

One clearly beneficial way to be a step ahead is using the Covid self-testing LFD kits and issuing them to employees to give peace of mind to both them and you so that folks can self-isolate if they are positive and contain the spread.

With the end of free issue test kits for businesses, Encompass are a leading supplier of high-quality nasal swab Covid test kits to buy online offering a quick and easy way to be sure of having supply available for your business and including bulk discounts as well.

Why do we offer nasal swab kits? Simple! These test kits sourced from Hughes and Swiss Point Of Care are considerably easier and more pleasant to use than the nasopharyngeal type of kits with a nose and throat swab.

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