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Lateral Flow Test Examined and Passed

Another advance in the global effort to track down the Covid virus with lateral tests is the recent approval of the “Hughes Veritas Rapid Antigen Test for SARS-CoV-2”. After more than 75% of applicants failed to make the level 3a validation (at time of writing), this is a coveted approval for a quality medical test manufacturer. The government requirements were:

  • very high specificity
  • very high sensitivity against viral loads associated with infectiousness

The Hughes Lateral Flow tests met these requirements and are now listed on the government’s website as approved.

Now UK businesses and universities can buy a Covid Test kit that is UK Government authorised and stocked in the UK for rapid delivery and rapid results.

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Who tests and validates Lateral Flow Devices in the UK?

Public Health England (PHE) have worked with Oxford University to run a lateral flow antigen test validation unit, to thoroughly check over 140 potential contenders referred by the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC), which is the UK government department responsible for Health Policy in England.  The now-famous Porton Down Science Park provided facilities for this important screening project.

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Are Lateral Flow Tests valid for use at home and at work?

Some lateral flow tests were intended only for health professional use only, whereas other kits are also suitable for Self-test, described by the government as “able to be used by lay persons in a home environment”.  The Hughes Rapid Antigen (or lateral flow) test is ideal for home and business use, and has full home test approval in the UK and European Union.  You don’t need specialist training for your staff or family to use these – simply follow the instructions provided.  And these are easier than many to use, being a nose-only swab.

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