*Update 7th January 2022*  There are now reports coming through that the free Government tests are available again online, but the best time to order is very early in the morning – view the range of Lateral Flow Test kits available online at an affordable low cost.

Are You Trying to Order Free Government Lateral Flow Tests?

The recent news of a shortage of Covid home testing kits that you can order free from the Government is a sad consequence of the winter 2021 surge of the Omicron variant. After all the UK authorities have done with excellent booster programs and furlough payments, it’s a bit of a blow. Not being able to order lateral flow test kits at present is a real nuisance but thankfully there are alternatives. If you need tests for Covid-19 to keep your employees, students, or teachers safe, even without Coronavirus symptoms, then you may want to consider the affordable nose-only LFT for sale on websites like this one.

Solutions to the LFT Shortage

Encompass are a long-established supplier of healthcare-type PPE supplies like nitrile gloves and Covid test kits to buy online. Our test kits are sourced from Government approved suppliers like Acon FlowFlex and Hughes Healthcare and are available in both individually packed and multiples of 25 kits. If you are wondering, how can I order home testing kits during the Covid-19 pandemic? Then certainly it is worth considering our secure online ordering service. We have supplied test kits as far afield as Sweden and the Cayman Islands and offer fast delivery all over the UK and Ireland. Lateral Flow Tests Shortage

When Will Lateral Flow Tests Be Available?

With Encompass they are available right now as we mentioned above. We have no doubt the government will soon also be stocked up on the free issue test kits given their remarkable record on combatting the pandemic, but at the time of publishing its not possible to say exactly when.

Can You Collect Lateral Flow Test Kits from a Pharmacy?

In theory, yes you can and this is what the Government are now encouraging you to do, but several reports have come in where people have booked a test for collection, but the pharmacy has run dry. The NHS have a webpage dedicated to finding lateral flow tests near me, but it remains to be seen if these match actual stock levels behind the counter.

Can You Have Free Lateral Flow for Self-Testing at Home?

When stocks are back in again, the government is still supplying free test-at-home lateral flow test, and you will be able to order them on the government website here.

Don’t Let It Be A Covid Christmas

With the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) spreading faster than Delta, it is important to minimise the spread as much as we can. Our low-cost LFT Covid test kits help to at least be aware if you are positive for the virus, and hence assist in lowering the spread of it further. We will be glad to discuss prices with you if you need Covid test kits for business in large quantities, please be free to phone us on 0845 034 9313. Lateral Flow Test Kits Shortage