Low-cost lateral flow test kits from Swiss Point of Care are both economical and have much above average performance with accuracy of 99.3% and specificity of 99.6% in clinical trials.

The nasal swab method used in these low-cost kits compares favourably to nasopharyngeal lateral flow test method where the sterile swab needs to be inserted to the back of the throat.

This is not as comfortable as the nasal swab which only needs to be inserted about 2-3cm into each nostril, meaning these test kits are particularly good for use with children.

Pack Contents:

25 x Complete Covid rapid test kits per box.

Each test includes: 1 rapid test device, 1 swab kit, 1 liquid buffer and 1 pipette.

Easy To Use

With these test kits being easy to use, inexpensive and yielding accurate information on whether someone is infected with the COVID-19 virus; we believe the Swiss Point of Care kits are excellent value – see more details below:

How To Use Swiss Point Of Care Covid Rapid Test Kit

Whether you want to quickly test groups of people at very reasonable cost or for individual staff these low-cost Covid rapid test kits are a safe and ideal choice for professional testing.

Please see the instruction sheet within the kit and follow it carefully – if you have lost this you can download it.

Covid Rapid Test Kits


The Swiss Point of Care Covid rapid test kits are manufactured by Acon Labs in China.

They are registered by MedNet Gmbh in Germany who are the authorised representative in accordance with the directive 98/79EC of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union relating to in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Download TUV registration certificate for the production facility. 

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