Do you have a need to order test kits for use by your family or business? At Encompass we have large stocks and are a leading supplier of LFD antigen test kit products to order online for quick delivery to your home or work.

We supply Covid rapid test kits England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland with fast delivery to help give you situational awareness if you have Covid-19 without any symptoms.

Where To Buy A Lateral Flow Test

Encompass are a good option to consider when you wonder where to buy a lateral flow test because we offer great value and the ethos of a small family business to support you. We sell four types of lateral flow test kits meaning you have a good choice at different price points when you need to order test kits.

The Hughes Healthcare kit comes in 2 formats – as a box of 25 tests with pre-filled buffer solution bottles for maximum convenience or as individual test kits which has some advantages of being ‘modular’ when being issued to your workers.

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We also supply the popular and reliable Acon FlowFlex antigen test kit, again in 2 formats, either as a box of 25 or individually wrapped in an outer of 20 tests.  Both of these are aimed at the higher volume market with the MOQ being 10 packs of 25 and 5 packs of 20 respectively.



A Quick Snapshot Of Your Health

Covid rapid lateral flow test kits give you a quick result in 15 to 30 minutes when self-testing for the presence of Covid-19 and are easy-to-use, with no training being needed.

We have included a handy video here that shows you how to use a lateral flow test kit properly:


Handy Tests – Delivered Fast

Nose-only lateral flow tests are proving increasingly popular compared with nose and throat Covid test kits, especially for testing school children. Independent research also indicates that nasal Covid tests are just as accurate as the less convenient nasopharyngeal Covid tests.

Where To Buy A Lateral Flow Test

All our antigen test kit options use the nasal (nose-only) swab method, where the sterile swab does not have to be inserted to the back of the throat, even for adults that need to order test kits.

Each kit comes with a test device, pre-filled extraction buffer tube and sterile swab and instructions for use. Please be free to call us on 0845 034 9313 or email: