Encompass supplies a range of COVID-19 antibody lateral flow test kits to detect infection and has thoroughly researched this important and evolving health issue which affects so many people’s daily lives.

So, what have we found out?

With a nasopharyngeal swab coronavirus rapid test kit, the sterile swab (or swabs) that come with the test kit, needs to be inserted through the nose to the back of the throat – the nasopharynx – from which the saliva that will be used in the COVID-19 test comes.

The Roche Diagnostics rapid antigen test uses this method as you can see from the illustrations for how to carry out this self test for covid below:

Roche Rapid Test Kit Instructions For Use

Roche Rapid Test Kit Instructions For Use

With a genuine nasal swab rapid test kit for SARS-2-Cov coronavirus the sterile swabs only need to be inserted into each nostril approximately 2cm – 3cm which is clearly a more comfortable process, particularly if one must be tested frequently as in schools, care homes, building sites and food factories.

Covid Rapid Antigen Test Kit From Hughes Healthcare

One such antigen complete lateral flow test kit that is a genuine nasal test, rather than a nasopharyngeal test purporting to also be nasal test is the Hughes Acon Flowflex Kit which we supply.

Covid Self Test Kit

You can see the nasal swab process on the video of the Acon Flowflex test kit by Hughes Healthcare here:



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