Starting to emerge towards the end of 2020, the lateral flow device rapid test kits for COVID-19 are becoming an important part of combating the spread of COVID-19. Offering a result either way within half and hour has become very important, for example if you are a care home worker starting your shift.

The most generally known example of a lateral flow device test before the Coronavirus pandemic hit us is the home pregnancy test kit; so, it is a well proven technology. An LFD works by detecting proteins (antigens) which are present when a person has the COVID-19 virus.

This handy video from the Daily Telegraph shows the process of how the antigen rapid test kits work:


The LFD is a hand-held device with a pad at one end and a reading window at the other; they provide a high level of accuracy; achieving 96% accuracy and 99.05% specificity. A strip of test paper inside the LFD changes colour when in the presence of COVID-19 antigens.

What Is A Lateral Flow Device?

When Encompass launched our range of LFD’s we wanted to offer a good range of options with a thorough background range of tests and ideally a strong branded option as well.

Our branded option has been filled by the Roche Diagnostics test kit which is made by this giant Swiss company.

Covid Rapid Test Kits Online

In some ways we feel that the more interesting option however is to be found in the Acon Labs Flowflex LFD from Hughes Healthcare – for the following reasons:

  • In extensive tests by Public Health England at Porton Down the Hughes Healthcare LFD antigen test evidenced 100% accuracy in BOTH sensitivity and specificity, results which are unprecedented.
  • The Hughes Healthcare rapid test kit for COVID-19 testing is substantially cheaper than the Roche Diagnostics LFD test kit while offering superior performance.
  • With the Hughes LFD you have a genuine nasal swab test kit whereby the sterile swab only has be inserted into the nostrils instead of the nasopharynx at the back of the throat – making it more comfortable for persons to use and ideal for testing children.
  • The Hughes Healthcare rapid test kit contains 25 tubes of buffer solution which are pre-loaded in each tube which saves time instead of having to pour in buffer solution from a larger vial.

With its combination of performance, convenience and price, the Hughes LFD is certainly a great value option!

Hughes Covid Rapid Test Kit

You can purchase these kits along with discounts for volumes at our e-commerce website here.

Download Hughes Healthcare presentation PDF about rapid antigen speed tests here.

We have included two links to the GOV.UK and Public Health England below:

Public Health England Blog about Lateral Flow Devices

GOV.UK Website about Lateral Flow Devices For COVID-19 Testing

The Scottish Government also has a useful PowerPoint presentation which can be seen here.

NHS Scotland Lateral Flow Device Presentation