Free Government Lateral Flow Covid Tests To End In April 2022

Free lateral flow tests (Covid LFTs or LFD Test Kits) won’t be available after 1 April, except for people aged over 75, and anyone aged over 12 with weakened immune systems.

The free issue Covid LFD test kits from the UK Government have been an excellent provision and without a doubt, they have helped to drive awareness, data, and held back the unconscious spreading of the virus.

However, this generous provision by the State is to end in April 2022, as outlined on the BBC News, which raises the question of sourcing low-cost Covid Test Kits for your future needs.

Can Lateral Flow Test Kits Be Purchased On-line?

Yes, they can be and the availability of quality rapid antigen LFD test kits from Hughes Healthcare or Acon FlowFlex is a real boon for quick and easy delivery all over the UK, Europe, and further afield.

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Lateral Flow Test Kits

Where Can I Buy Covid LFT Kits Cheaply?

Although not free, at Encompass we do offer exceptional value and affordability as well as free fast delivery.

Rapid Covid Supplies have not just one but four different options of cheap covid lateral flow test kits to buy online, including either individually wrapped or boxed lateral flow tests that start at just £2.69 + VAT per test kit.

Easy To Use And Accurate Nose Only Test Kits

All our test kit options use the nasal swab method, where the swab is used in the nostrils and does not have to be inserted into the back of the throat. The worst inconvenience you will experience is tickling when you use them!

Each lateral flow kit comes with a Covid test device, buffer solution tube, sterile nose swab and nozzle cap, and instructions for use.

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Covid – It Is Still A Threat

We still need to take the threat of Covid-19 seriously as it can lead to low mood, mental health issues, and possibly prolonged absence from work and loss of income.

Although it would seem that the symptoms of Coronavirus are thankfully not so bad or potentially deadly as they were in 2020, it is still a nuisance that we should avoid spreading if possible.

The economy will suffer if workers are not feeling great, children’s schoolwork performance suffers, and your longed-for holiday may have to be postponed if you catch Covid-19.

GOV.UK website’s current guidance is now as follows with a clear recommendation to stay at home if you test positive:

You will not be legally required to self-isolate if you test positive for COVID-19. Stay at home if you can and avoid contact with other people.

Cheap Covid Test Kits